Youth Art Program (YAP)

Program Title: Youth Art Program (YAP)

Address:  9401 W. Colonial Drive #646 , Ocoee, FL 34761
       Mail: P.O. Box 681177, Orlando, FL  32868

Phone: 321-474-2632

Creative Director: Arthur Dawson

Art Discipline: Fine / Commercial Art
 Grade Level Preferences: 6th through 12th

Organization Mission Statement: Youth Art Program (YAP) was established 2006 to help develop art awareness in underserved communities and educational systems in both the private and public sectors to ensure art is an essential part of every child's life.

Organization Description: Youth Art Program (YAP) will develop and follow young artists over a five-year period. It fosters creativity by forming community partnerships and collaborating with local art organizations to give our youth the best art experience possible. 

Registration: If you would like to register your child for one of our YAP programs, click on the contact tab on the menu bar and request a "Student Application" by email. 

Mobile YAP: If you would like for us to come and conduct a 1-day, 1-week or 6-week YAP program in your town, send us an email with your contact name, address, phone number(s) and email.  You will receive one of our "Mobile YAP" information packets, which outlines the cost of various programs and lesson plans.  All you will need to do is choose the program that best suits your creative needs.


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