Contemporary Masters, Inc. (CMI) is a non-profit art studio/gallery/organization in Ocoee, FL.

Contemporary Masters, Inc. wants to ensure that art is an essential part of every child’s life.

Contemporary Masters, Inc. is an art gallery/organization that focuses on the fine art of contemporary artists.

General Information:
The artists or guest members of Contemporary Masters, Inc., create works of art that represent a wide range of styles and mediums.

Youth Art Program (YAP):
Youths who are involved in the arts fare better academically and socially than those who are not. YAP has specially crafted and uniquely designed programs to address the special needs of the communities it serves. CMI art events and programs are projects that promote a better quality of life, diversity, literacy, and a sense of community.
Art Classes:

Regular art classes for children and adults ages 9-90 start at only $50 per class. Each class is a studio workshop that is suitable for all skill levels. CMI workshops are conducted by nationally renowned professional artists who have 20 or more years of experience. Our goal is to help you simplify the creative process whether you are a novice, amateur, or professional.

 A portion of all the CMI sales and donations will benefit the Youth Art Program. 

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