Saturday, May 9, 2015

Frida Kahlo was so much more than her unibrow. A famous artist, Diego Rivera's wife was also a fashion icon. Without her, music festivals would be without flower crowns, mini skirts would always prevail over maxi skirts, capes would just be for superheros, and corsets remained in the archive. Interestingly enough, most of her sartorial savvy was just that. She had polio as a kid and later in life was injured in a bus accident, both leaving her impaired. Kahlo used clothes, such as full skirts, stacked boots, and long gloves to conceal her body's imperfections. "She had a tremendous self-confidence. She was convinced that what she wore displayed who she was inside," Alejandro Lopez, the art restorer of her home, told the Associated Press

And while her artifacts could be seen at the Frida Kahlo Museum, some belongings were locked away by Rivera following her death in 1954. Placed in a bathroom at "The Blue House" in Mexico City, he demanded the door with her stuff inside remain locked until 15 years after his own passing. The room remained shut until 2004 and at that time photographer Ishiuchi Miyako was given the opportunity to shoot its contents. The images, which will be on display throughout May in London, capture around 300 unseen relics from a pair of cat eye sunglasses to a Tehuana dress.

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