Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeling Stuck? 20 Ways to Overcome Artist's Block

1. Draw a caricature of your favorite actor or actress.
2. Design your own deck of cards.
3. Create the cover of an imagined children's book.
4. Create a dish pattern based on an era of design, like art deco.
5. Photograph ordinary objects in abstract.
6. Draw 12 black and white landscapes for a monthly calendar.
7. Design a business card for a well-known cartoon character.
8. Paint a visual representation of your favorite song.
9. Draw a still life, then draw the same scene as a comic book illustration.
10. Design a page (or two!) of a coloring book.
11. Design an animal that combines bird, fish, and mammal.
12. Create a replica of a classic sculpture with food.
13. Re-envision a one sheet for your favorite film.
14. Design your own alphabet letters, and create an illustration for each letter.
15. Make a flip book about your favorite memory.
16. Draw an illustrated tutorial on how to wash a dog.
17. Draw your favorite picture of yourself, but upside down.
18. Draw an image of something in nature in all four seasons.
19. Illustrate an abstract idea, like success, love, freedom, or evil.
20. Paint a portrait with only three colors.

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