Thursday, June 28, 2012

Top 10 Art Collectors in The U.S.

American Rank #1
World Rank #4. Art Collector:
Barbara and Ted Alfond
Weston, Massachusetts; Vail, Colorado
Fashion (retired)
Built new sports center for Rollins College
Art Collection:
Collects american art and furniture

American Rank#2
World Rank #5. Art Collector:
Paul Allen
Computer software and sports franchises, co found Microsoft
Founder and Chairman of Vulcan Inc., own NFL, NBA, MLS teams
Art Collection:
Collects impressionism, Old Masters; modern and contemporary art; tribal art

American Rank #3
World Rank #6. Art Collector:
Lonn Apfel
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Collecting for over 12 years

Art Collection:
American Rank #4
World Rank #9. Art Collector:
Laura and John Arnold
started at Enron, Hedge fund, giving away half of salary to The Giving Pledge
Art Collection:
Impressionism; postwar and contemporary art

American Rank #5
World Rank #13. Art Collector:
Hank And Mary Beckman
Dallas, TX
Art Collection:
collects traditional western, Russian Impressionist, contemporary western, and old illustrators.

American Rank #6
World Rank #14. Art Collector:
Maria and William Bell Jr.
Los Angeles
Television production, creator and executive producer of the The Young and the Restless, and The Bold and the Beautiful
Art Collection:
Modern and contemporary art

American Rank #7
World Rank #17. Art Collector:
Stephanie And Bill Birdsall
Tucson, AZ
has been collecting for over 20 years
Art Collection:
collects representational landscapes, florals, still lifes, seascapes

American Rank #8
World Rank #18. Art Collector:
Leon Black
New York, New York
Private equity specialist
Art Collection:
On the board of the MET and MOMA
funded biography of Pablo Picasso
Collects old masters and contemporary art worth $750 million

American Rank #9
World Rank #19. Art Collector:
Nelson Blitz Jr. and Catherine Woodard
New York and Rye, New York
HVAC mechanical contracting
Art Collection:
German Expressionism; modern and contemporary art; Wiener Werkstatte metalwork and furniture

American Rank # 10
World Rank #20. Art Collector:
Neil G. Bluhm
Real estate, investments, owns the Chicago's Four Seasons Hotel and MGM Tower in Los Angeles, apart from a number of casinos. He also owns the real estate investment firm JMB Realty
Art Collection:
Contemporary art

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Painting with Transparent Colors

Painting with transparent colors, whether you are painting with water colors, oil, or acrylics, is a means of building up the color on your canvas in layers, rather than mixing colors on a palette. Painting with transparent colors allows you to see through the color to the layer beneath; you can mix your colors by layering colors one atop of another, you can build up the opacity of a color, and you can use the paint's transparent properties as part of your painting.

Glazes Create Depth
Painting with transparent color, also called glazes, is a fantastic way to create real depth in your composition. Layering the colors is up to you; thinner transparent colors allow more of the under layers to show through, and more opaque layers block out more of the layers beneath: the level of transparency is up to you. Each layer will change the color of the layers beneath, so this is worthy of experimentation.

Patience is a Virtue
When you are layering with glazes, you must learn to be patient. Each layer must dry thoroughly before the next layer is applied. Glaze colors mix optically, rather than chemically, to create the color tones and hues. This means that our eyes see the mixed color, rather than the paint itself combining to create the new color. Remember to let each layer dry completely before you apply the next.

Thin, Single Pigment Layers are Best
Glazes work best when applied in a thin, fluid layer. Your color layers will reproduce much more nicely if you use single pigment transparent paints; wet mixing two paints doesn't always give you the glazed results you might be going for, so work with single pigment glazes that dry thoroughly between layers.